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VietNamNet Bridge - Many Vietnamese students attended international music competitions in 2014 where they came away with top prizes. Unlike most traditional piano pedagogues who teach beginning students in the US, Pham combines technical work with inspirational music composition assignments and improvisation piano games fostering his students' imagination and allowing them to express themselves freely.
And since then, she has performed in prestigious events such as Ao Dai Festival of Hue Foundation, Festival of Music at Great America, Winter Night of Music, Vietnamese Young Artists show by Vietnamese Music Club in San Jose, etc… Moreover, she has been featured as with the Mission College Symphony Orchestra.

Buckaroo Holiday is a rhythmically challenging piece for any orchestra - and it takes awhile for the music to line up - but after an hour or so, the orchestra begins to understand how the piece goes and seems to be enjoying playing something American.
After spending countless hours studying anything he could find about Thái Thị Liên's teaching, and listening to her son, the award-winning pianist Đặng Thái Sơn's recordings, attending his live performances and masterclasses, Pham was able to create his own unique piano teaching method, which can be called quintessentially” Vietnamese.

This is also true of restaurants which range as small as a pot on a fire on the street, to family-style Pho hangouts where one or two community tables exist, to fast-food restaurants (both Vietnamese and other international fare including McDonald's and Kentucky Fried Chicken), specialty restaurants which are the current rage in town, to high end spots such as the one at the top of the Intercontinental Hotel.
In 1993, he began his study of Taiko (Japanese Drumming) under Grandmaster Seiichi Tanaka, where, after becoming a principal member of the San Francisco Taiko Dojo, he toured internationally and performed with some of the great masters of Traditional Japanese Folk Music.
Well-known in Vietnamese communities world-wide, Trần Quảng Nam has more than 200 songs and other musical works including Kim Vân Kiều, the romantic musical (the tale of Kiều, performed three times, one excerpt each) and hit songs 10 Năm Tình Cũ” (ten years of old love”, 20 Năm Tình Cũ”.

Thúy Quỳnh giành được nhiều giải thưởng cao trong nhiều cuộc thi piano như the Artist International Presentation Competition, the Bellflower Orchestra Competition, the Artists of Tomorrow Competition of the Brentwood-Westwood Symphony Orchestra, và the International Piano Concerto Competition tại San Francisco.
As a concerto soloist, she has performed with the Jäger Meisters Chamber Orchestra, the Humboldt University Orchestra, the San Francisco Concerto Orchestra, the Bellflower Orchestra, the Brentwood-Westwood Symphony Orchestra, the Hanoi Youth Symphony Orchestra and the Regional Wind Orchestra of Paris.

Four Tbilisi events starting next week will bring classical sound to venues that do not usually host concerts, with prized artists including Kolja Blacher and Dang Thai Son headlining the second edition of the Classical Music in Alternative Environment series.

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