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Tax Law Attorneys

When it comes to tax problems and controversies, most people are worried about how much it will cost. Robert Chicoine Law has consistently ranked among the top tax law firms in Seattle that not only has clients within the continental United States, but internationally, including Europe, Asia, Africa, Guam, Cooperation Council for the Arab States of the Gulf, Mariana Islands, Fiji, Russia and Canada.
His legal representation extends to the domestic and international wealth planning areas, where he represents high net worth individuals, including non-residents, as well as non-citizen residents of the U.S., on both U.S. and foreign income and wealth tax matters.

Jerry is a frequent speaker and author on various federal tax matters on topics ranging from international joint ventures and mergers and acquisitions to foreign tax credits, tax consequences to expatriation, the use of defective entities in tax planning, partnership audit rules and partnership formations, among others.
Inbound: Our Tax Team advises non-U.S. individuals and business entities on the U.S. tax consequences of establishing, conducting and terminating business activities in the U.S. Our services include advising clients on the selection, formation and capitalization of business entities, expatriation strategies and structuring of commercial operations.

For questions about aging or disability during this COVID-19 outbreak, and access to services for older people, adults with disabilities, and caregivers, contact Community Living Connections , a service provided by Seattle Human Services Department's Aging and Disability Services division.
5 years or more is elective; Check for licensed tax professionals and ask to talk with the person who will be on your Power of Attorney ; Make sure your case will not be outsourced to another company International or individual; Be certain to know your role in the resolution of your tax debt, and the manner in which you and the Seattle or Washington business you choose will interact and work collectively.

The "Seattle Tax Attorney" will make sure will not have to deal with the burden of having a tax debt any longer than you have to. You can reach the resolution you need while protecting your wages, accounts, and assets, with a Seattle tax attorney team by your side.

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