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Sydney's Travel Backpacks

Travellers Home is a premium Sydney local travel products wholesaler and retailer, specialize in Travel Backpacks, Travel Bags, Luggage, Satchel, Briefcase and Travel Accessories. For this post, I thought back to our years travel backpacks in Sydney of traveling with a backpack and did a ton of recent research online via Google and digesting endless Amazon backpack reviews to come up with a shortlist of the best backpacks for travel to hopefully save you some time.
My OnePlanet pack (75 litres + 10 litre day pack), still opens like a suitcase but has a built in chiropractic spine adjusted for my height, and when fully loaded at 23kgs I can wear it for a couple of hours no worries - but its a serious trekking pack - but is expandable like a suitcase so those last minute purchases on last leg home always fit.

Suitcases are so much more convenient but having my backpack strapped to me when traveling reassures me that I won't be able to easily lose my countries we travel to aren't always the safest and I have first-hand experience in one moment having your suitcase next to you and having it disappear the next moment without you even noticing.
These travel backpacks are made from the most durable of materials and can handle any kind of travelling. This Osprey Travel Backpack is designed to carry loads of up to 25 kg's. From carry-on sized pieces to 29″ Trolley Cases with expanders or overnight bags, our collection of luggage has something for every traveller.
The inclusion of the daypack, easily zippered off the main pack, means you can carry minimal weight with you while you explore, and has a designated laptop sleeve. Packed full with value-added features, from laptop pockets to RFID Protech for protection from card skimmers, in one sleek unit, the Rip Curl range of backpacks boasts all the bells and whistles.

From carrying your books to school or your lunch to work, there is a Daypack Backpack in the right fashion colour and style to suit you. Mirrorless camera bags with classic design and the features you need. Specialised backpacks are made for hiking and camping in all sorts of climates, and for lighter travel too, with different sizes, strengths, and weights available, and featuring a variety of accessories, colours and styles.
It may surprise you to discover the evolution of backpacks, daypacks and other travel packs available at Anaconda. You can easily travel with either the 35L or 45L Outbreaker travel backpack Australia has tons of cheap flights with many destinations also within drivable distance of the cities.

Generally, the carry-on backpack maximum capacity is 45 liters, but please check directly with your favored airline of choice. No matter where you visit or how you travel, it's important to carry a durable and long lasting travel pack that can handle tough love.
View the range of Bags and Backpacks here, with Free Express Shipping on orders over $25. Pack for whatever life throws your way with backpacks designed for active comfort and technical function. Sternum strap - our bags had this small mid-chest strap that connected between the two shoulder straps.

TOSCA delivers a stylish and modern collection of hard & soft case luggage and bags, whilst also producing everything from travel accessories to handbags, backpacks, tote bags to wallets, business bags and high-fashion luggage. When selecting your bag or backpack there are many options to choose from and many things to consider.
Decathlon backpack range offers affordable backpacks to fit in for all your travel and casual needs. I guess backpacks are designed that way. For those who need hard-wearing luggage, consider leather travel backpacks and canvas travel backpacks Some individuals prefer other materials, such as nylon, polyester, and fabric, they can toss in the wash clothing.

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