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Seo Training, Question And Answers With Craig Campbell

Craig Campbell is a well-known SEO expert from Glasgow, UK. He has 17 years of experience in SEO Consulting and Digital Marketing. Craig owns an agency where he manages a small team so that he can deliver better results to his loyal clientele. He is also a regular SEMrush webinar host, SEO trainer, and speaker.
In this instance, we tell clients we can offer them training and consultancy at an additional cost. But to give you an example, I bought a website for £10,000 and spend around 4k on the site getting some content and links done, and flipped the website for 48k within a 4 month period. There are folks out there doing a lot more than that. Have a look at to see what some of the websites on there are selling for. What I highlighted is that I’ve made a lot of mistakes prior to getting myself into the position I’m in now, but this model suits me as a person, how I work, my personality and temperament.

And as you scale things back, I've still got a small team. You're starting out as a freelancer, I think I walked in my bedroom for three or four years. And I was going crazy and watching crap TV and not really doing a great job.
Since Craig has been helping over a hundred businesses, he decided to start flipping websites for profit. Craig has a black hat SEO presentation at this conference and delivered an epic talk to help others understand how to rank well on the search engines. Craig Campbell was speaking about affiliate marketing at the SEMRush conference in Banglaore in India. Craig delivered a talk on Local SEO at this conference, showing people how to rank their GMBS, trigger phone verification and a whole range of additional tactics. I am straight talking funny and have all the experience to be able to offer the tips and advice to those who want to learn. I regularly train agencies and individuals all over the UK and I'm a host and panellist on industry-leading software providers like SEMRush.

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I don't always implement things straight away and purely because I like to see what's going on and understand it a bit better before I start implementing the website. You hear people saying to their Alexa, "Play that song on Spotify" or "where is the best place?" "Where is the best Indian restaurant "to eat at in London? Voice search is just another new technology that we all have to embrace. And again, those people out there like Aleyda Solis and , SEO speakers talking about it at conferences, the importance of it. Technology evolves constantly and I think it's something you just simply have to embrace. You need to test things on your own like I did.

But I changed and started to work on the business through delegation and creating processes for my teams. I also decided to venture into affiliate marketing. I cut down the number of customers because the numbers were draining, and I did not want to compromise our service quality. Surprisingly, this, too, came with massive successes. I am Craig Campbell, a SEO expert based in Glasgow.
But at home I would always be, you know, understanding t

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