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My Real Estate Investing Journey

Homeownership is every man's cornerstone of fulfilling his ideals of freedom and happiness. Over the years, I've come to see how most people, when prioritizing the criteria of their search , purchase only with an eye to live but don't fully consider the investment side of it. I chose my unit because I wanted to live in it and also could see the rental value.
So often, gurus sell it as passive income, but if you treat it passively, expect income and opportunity to pass you by. If you aren't willing to invest the time to gain knowledge, become a better investor, and treat your real estate portfolio as a business, you are likely to lose out on the great wealth” that graces so much of the hype in real estate.

Investing through your SMSF may be an option, though keep in mind that super fund rules and regulations around profits, investments and taxation can be complicated and change frequently so this requires advice from a suitably qualified financial planner.
Prices remained unchanged in 24 other cities whereas they decreased in the remaining 21. This suggests some stabilization in the market after eight months of consecutive decline and despite the continued restrictions on the purchase of houses and apartments in China since more than two years.

The hotel project is a bit different because I am raising capital in different investment funds for that, so I normally spend my free time in cigar bars, and in restaurants anyway, so I now spend it with potential investors, but it is a part of my lifestyle and I do not consider it work, and technically I do not have to do it, but I enjoy meeting new people.
While investing in commercial real estate via REITs (Real estate investment trusts) has always been an option available to investors, online platforms like Fundrise have cut out unnecessary middlemen and drastically reduced fees (by as much as 90%), resulting in higher returns for small time investors.
If you want to invest in property via stock markets, shares in REITs are often purchased via stockbrokers (compare the ones other Finimizers use here ). And you may also be in line for tax-free treatment if your investment is wrapped in a Stocks and Shares ISA.

My mission with Real Estate Deal Talk is to: 1. fill the real estate education and execution gap, 2. partner with real estate investors and smart Rental property investing capital to invest in profitable single-family development, rental, and multi-family opportunities, and 3. build successful, long-term businesses.
The Chinese invest heavily in real estate in the United States and they are quite knowledgeable about properties in the US. Thus, before jumping on to the sale transaction, make sure you know the various requirements that a Chinese buyer might look for and are up to fulfilling such requirements.

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