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Lofi Hip Hop

Lo-fi hip-hop might be a meme, but thanks to 24-hour streaming channels and playlists on YouTube and SoundCloud, these jazzy, inoffensive tunes have become both practical and escapist functions for young people seeking music both for relaxation and concentration.
A lot of them chat on Discord (which Luke Pritchard describes as Slack but for nerds”) to build stronger connections to fans, while College Music set up their Rap video own label, College Music Records , around a year ago, mostly to redistribute the money being made in the now heavily saturated market for lo-fi hip hop.

The sound replicates nostalgia by design, and the pops and cracks of vinyl distortion and quality are as intentional as the odd vocal loop or carefully curated BoJack Horseman sample With listeners finding themselves in an increasingly noisy world for political reasons amongst others , they're finding comfort and consolation in a genre built on channeling the old.
Therefore someone can create rock music that is lo-fi, or jazz music that is lo-fi (called lo-fi rock and lo-fi jazz, respectively.) Likewise, chill-hop can be lo-fi, but does not necessarily have to be. Chill-hop alone is electronic music characterized by mellow, softer, and slower beats.

In a survey of 1,000 influencers, Obviously found that 92% of creators were open to trying a form of content creation that was new to them — like hosting a livestream, joining a new platform like TikTok, creating long-form videos on IGTV, or taking part in viral challenges.
The term had since been used over the years in long psychedelic audiovisual experiences posted to YouTube from channels like Amanda Darling. YouTube's lo-fi hip-hop community has for years offered a place to virtually gather, do homework, and find comfort in the random messages of strangers that populate in live chats.

So lo-fi, as in low fidelity, technically refers to music with lower sound quality. Wikipedia redirects lo-fi hip-hop to chill-out music and traces lo-fi's origins to the '50s. When the channel was taken down, people bemoaned the loss of their go-to music channel, study group,” and their favorite anime student.
Best known by the moniker of Milo, Ferreira also makes spoken word hip-hop atop crackling production under the name of Scallops Hotel. Chillhop Music has a racoon studying. Live streams like theirs succeed in part by exploiting user behavior. Bringing the livestream back is important to the Chillhop team, but it's not the be-all-end-all of the business, Leeuwen said.

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