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Lalique Encre Noire ~ Fragrance Review

This fragrance honestly reminds me of a lot of things, but everything I think of it is kind of "dimly lit" if that makes any sense, but not in a sad way. These are the things this fragrance makes me think of.
Having said that, this is high quality at cheapie prices, and very much a gateway drug into fragrance aficionado territory. If your body harmonizes with sharp, sour vetiver and dank, ink-black woods, this could be transcendent. I'm glad I owned this, and I recommend it to my butch, unfussy friends. This fragrance is niche quality, currently available at an absurd low price. I will be purchasing as well the other 2 flankers Encre Noire Sport and Extreme. I've just sprayed multiple sprays to my wrist and sleeve and I'm left with a pleasant polished but charred wood smell. Maybe the very slightest hint of vetiver, but thats if I try to really use my imagination.

The drydown is both woody and musky, very smooth and balanced. To me it is a perfect example for a shared/unisex scent.
However, after giving the scent a few more chances, it really started to grow on me, and I can confidently say that I quite like it now! This is a scent that gets better the more you expose yourself to it. I can not stress how important it is not to blind-buy this scent. Emotionally I feel sadness, goodbyes, apologize and anxiety. I choose this fragrance for funerals and serious formal occasions. Having this week smelled TF Grey Veitiver, Guerlain Vetiver, and this, Encre Noir is definitely a standout Vetiver. Encre Noire is a scent of its own, a minimalistic Scandinavian art.

As the name indicates, it's dark and pretty challenging. A simple blend, not too many notes with a strong woody opening , and I would swear I get a little cedar although it's not listed. The opening is hard to define, the cypress and vetiver combination gives it a very original, almost tobacco-like vibe.
I bought A L'Extreme first then Sport, and the original is the last one I picked up. I was thinking it was too "Niche" and limited and the other two sounded more versatile. I shouldn't have worried about versatility, Encre Noire is perfectly wearable.
Projection is moderate compared to other scents. The few notes in this fragrance combine to form something more complex than most bottles I've ever smelled. The wood is more reminiscent of something like wet log in a forest, rather than woodchips. I wish this fantastic opening lasted a little longer, that's my only gripe. After it dries down you still have this wonderful slightly smoky vetiver with the cypress (and cedar?) still hanging around but more subdued.

But I never wear vetiver on a daily basis. I crave flowers, incense, so it’s crazy-talk from me to say that vetiver always wear voudou like on me. I don’t know if “Manoumalia” holds that much of it, but that’s how I picture it. I like when my vetiver border on smoke, dry things burnt as incense, kind of demanding. The idea of linden and vetiver makes me inspired more and more. I can just imagine how the two would complement each other perfectly.
It is sweet, without any of the citrus I normally detect in almost all men's colognes. It is a deep, warm and heavy vetiver, coupled with an oud-like rose essence undertone that also feels smoky. I also detected red wine (grape?) and a hint of mint, just a thread, in the opening notes - the drydown is vetiver with a whiff of rose 'oil' and the wine tone. But it turns out that this is one of those fragrances that just doesn't work on me. And when I say it doesn't work, I mean it doesn't smell the way it's supposed to. Instead I get that "woman's purse" smell that I've seen a few others experience.

Not for everyone, more masculine but a strong woman coul

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