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Hypnotherapy In Australia

The Australian Hypnotherapists Association (AHA) is Australia's largest independent national registration and industry body representing and promoting the interests of the Australian hypnotherapy sector, committed to achieving better options for all Australians. I have never considered hypnosis as a real means of changing ones life, however all that changed when several friends of mine, desperate to give up a life-long smoking habit visited John and after one session completely lost all desire for a cigarette.
The Australian Hypnotherapists' Association came about by a small group of clinical hypnotherapists who had already been practicing for a number of years and who came together because they were determined to set high ethical and professional standards for the hypnotherapy profession in Australia.

Life today is full of challenges and issues, often dealt with by putting up barriers, otherwise known as: bad habits (smoking), eating disorders, emotional problems, abusive behaviour, health problems, relationship difficulties, negative thinking, and low self-esteem, to name a few.
Our Gold Coast Laser to Stop smoking clinic is 40 minutes from Tweed Heads, 50 minutes form Beaudesert, 1 hour from Murwillumbah, 1.5 hours Kingscliff Hypnotherapy from Byron Bay and Ballina, 2 hours from Lismore, 3 hours from Grafton, 4 hours from Coffs Harbour and 5.5 hours from Port Macquarie.

Hypnosis audios are professionally recorded by licensed hypnotherapists with years of experience. Hypnotherapy is a form of relaxation that allows you to relax your conscious mind in an effort to access the subconscious reason for any issue that may be limiting you or holding you back in your life.
The conscious mind is inspired to change because of something it has seen or heard e.g. Give up smoking. Another thing the mind has problems with is specializing in a lot of things at the same time, also called daily life. John worked with Gerard and after only the first sessions the change was amazing.
As a clinical hypnotherapist I know the mind of each individual is powerful. Many of my clients have great break-throughs after as little as 3 to 6 hours of working with me. And some people chose to come in every couple of month for a hypnotic oil change, as some of my Brisbane hypnotherapy clients chose to call it.

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