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How To Pick The Best Durian

Singapore lies South-East of Asia, at the tip of the Malay Peninsula. While Durian Republic will be trucking its durians to Resorts World Genting all the way from Penang, May Jie Gohtong Trading does not have as far to go. Located in the local Genting township of Gohtong Jaya, May Jie is the largest Musang King and D24 durian supplier in the Genting area.
Round in shape with thick and orange-red flesh, durian enthusiasts love it for the intensely bitter flavours and amazing texture. Durian is a strange combination durian tekka of savory, sweet, and creamy all at once. The delectable tart-sweet fruit with soft texture is always a hit for the youngster who dislikes Durian.

Fast forward over 20 years later and the 1,000 durian trees have matured. I've always liked Tekka, but this one was really excellent and definitely ranks maybe two or three of my favorite durians of the year. In the morning, I'm back at the Tekka with Bernard Koh, a popular Singapore guide.
During the fruit season, there is a varied range of Durian piling up the rack ready for sale - Musang King, Durian D13, Durian Butter, Durian Tekka, Durian 101, Durian Sultan and Durian Udang Merah. It's an enriching experience to see the fruits hanging on the trees moments before consumption, or even getting the chance to harvest the durian yourself.

Its tech-savviness aside, the shop has an exhaustive list of durians, including D2, Musang King, Durian Udang Merah and Durian Thraka. In terms of taste, it can rival Musang King in bitterness and sweetness. This isn't a new designer breed of durians, according to Lindsay, but a renaming of the Tekka durian, which is a favourite among the durian lovers who are partial to its bitter-sweet taste.
Buah durian Tekka yang beratnya hanya sekitar 3 kg sudah mencukupi untuk dimakan berbanding dengan membeli 3-4 biji durian varieti lain yang kurang popular. What we can say is our durians have a more consistent taste - even if the season is not good, our quality will be stable,” says Chan.
Durian tekka or more widely known as Musang Queen nowadays was born” in 1987. Kelvin Tan, Chief Durian Officer at 99 Old Trees by Fook Gor Durian Farm, tells us that when Black Thorns come rolling in the shop, they get snapped up in a matter of minutes. The popular D24 has an I.D. 152 and the Raja Kunyit or Musang King (D197) is listed under I.D. 150.

According to , here's a list of prices for some of the most popular types of durians. Artikel subuh ini dalam blog "Anim Agro Technology" saya menulis mengenai durian varieti Tekka yang sering dikatakan sebagai salah satu varieti durian tebaik di Malaysia dan juga didunia.
The first time we visited Eddie, he dared Rob to open a Tekka. The farm's D24 is divine - one of those heavenly plump durian fruits with a rich aroma and flesh that is hedonistically creamy and sweet without being cloying. And the weirdest thing is that it doesn't really taste like durians at all.

Currently the prices are around rm25 per kg for musang king, rm15 per kg for tekka, rm10 for D101 and D24. From bittersweet to creamy rich flavours, there's a durian for every palate. This D2 came from a farm along the road to the Cameron Highlands, where we stopped on the Malaysia Durian Tour.
Instead of prodding the flesh-covered seeds when the seller presents an open fruit, customers should taste the durian. Ramai maklum durian Musang King (D197) dengan isinya yang kuning keemasan, berkilat dan tebal adalah varieti yang paling popular. The best Musang Queen is bitter with voluminously fleshy, wet and often wrinkly yellow flesh.

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