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Disposable Underwear

Whether you have recently started experiencing incontinence problems, or have been living with them for a long time, one of the most important considerations is which incontinence products to buy. As one of the only dedicated sites in Australia we are proud to be able to supply affordable quality products including many premium ABDL brands such as NappiesRUs, Tykables, Crinklz, Rearz, Fabine, Dotty, plus many of the well known medical and incontinence brands.
Some dog owners buy liners made for the belly band; others use baby diapers or sanitary napkins. Making the switch from disposables to modern cloth nappies has adult pads been made easier by a wider range of readily available cloth nappies, many with convenient cleaning methods, highly absorbent liners and creative designs.

In cases when personal data is provided to others to provide you products or services you have requested, or for other purposes you have authorised, we rely on technical and organisational means to assure that applicable data security regulations are followed.
Whether you use reusable briefs that tend to leak or you want the peace of mind provided by an additional barrier, these roomy, soft and comfortable plastic pants offer leak protection (and odor control!) you can rely on. Designed to fit over reusable and disposable diapers alike, these gender-neutral Waterproof Vinyl Diaper Covers are quiet and remain soft even after many washes.

Ideal for dressing retention, Independence Australia's bandages include products that are high stretch, comfortable and absorbent. There are several styles of dog diapers. The search for reliable incontinence products can prove challenging, but with Stay Dry, you can feel assured that our products deliver comfort and protection.
Independence Australia's variety of syringes allows you to buy syringes easily whilst knowing you are getting the best quality and care. Mama's Laef has successfully produced reusable women's sanitary products , and while reusable nappies are already widely produced, Ms Roselli is concerned current designs could hurt babies.

Browse through the scar management range online with Independence Australia. Full dog diapers are almost exactly like diapers for human babies, except they have a hole for the tail. The usage of adult diapers 33 can be a source of embarrassment, 34 and products are often marketed under euphemisms such as incontinence pads.

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