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Cleaner Carpets Wales

We don't think only about profits, we also think of our planet. For your convenience, you can book our pressure washing service Swansea every day of the week and in the evenings for the same price. With us, you can choose from a large variety of affordable, expert services. We also provide our employees with the appropriate Personal Protective Equipment (“PPE”) so they can perform their work safely and with confidence. As standard all our cleaning products include a virucidal disinfectant which deactivates enveloped viruses including Coronavirus / COVID-19. Your carpets will dry faster ( 2-4 hrs) due to there being less moisture left behind in your carpet. Soil lifting formula will be sprayed on all areas being cleaned.
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Very very happy, we were about to rip up the carpet and replace it but Carpet Cleaners Swansea now we don’t have to, will definitely use CSB again, Thanks both!
The best solution is to steam clean your carpet every once in a while to keep it fresh. Getting carpet fitted for your home or office flooring is an excellent choice. Carpets are comfortable, they look great and are easy to install. But it is extremely important, that you take good care for them and maintain them clean.

Professionally steam clean your 2 bed house with our special offer and the latest steam cleaning machines from AIRFLEX STORM. Your carpet is now ready to be rinsed and extracted using our high-powered industrial grade Truck Mounted carpet cleaning machine. CSB Carpet Cleaning is one of the leading companies for carpet cleaning Swansea and the surrounding areas. The Approved Carpet Cleaners Alliance is the leading association dedicated to bringing together the best carpet cleaning experts in Swansea and the UK. We ensure you, as upholstery cleaners in Swansea, your furnishing will get the same caring service. We use a Van mounted system which is the best and most efficient and effective way to clean carpets and sofas.
My husband and I are present at every carpet clean, assuring you of their personal attention and service. Furthermore, we have acquired advanced levels of training in restoring oriental rugs and advanced spot and stain removal. Professional cleaning of your carpet on a regular basis will EXTEND its life expectancy considerably, in addition to keeping it hygienic and looking GREAT. Having had Kevin and Mair out 20 months ago during puppy mishaps thought it was time to get them back as my wife was getting embarrassed by the state of our hallway carpet.

This is vital, as it allows us to work comfortably on your carpets in the knowledge that we are FULLY covered for any unforeseen issues. Like Alexandra, we know that you too may have invested thousands of pounds in your carpets and soft furnishings. Like us, approved members are thoroughly VETTED to ensure that they are fully insured, have comprehensive industry training and the latest and best high powered cleaning equipment.
We understand the difficulty of choosing the right carpet cleaning company to come to your home and clean your furnishings which you would have spent a lot of money buying. As professional carpet cleaners, we offer a high-quality service specialising in cleaning and restoring of carpets, marble floors, sofas and all types of stone floors. Major carpet suppliers recommend that most carpets should be professionally cleaned every months. If you leave it

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